Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Join the LCS 28 Days of Giving Challenge today!

With your $28.00 donation you can help Lakeshore achieve 28 donations a day for 28 days throughout the month of February.



28 Days of Creativity! 

At Lakeshore Community Services we are dedicated to providing support that helps those facing life with intellectual disabilities and persistent mental health issues live their best lives. Covid-19 has dramatically impacted the daily lives of our consumers and their ability to partake in activities outside of their homes. 28 Days of Creativity! is a super fun way to cope with isolation and provide our consumers and staff an opportunity to stretch their imaginations and express themselves through the creative arts. 


Your donation will help us purchase art supplies, online classes, educational tools, and special equipment so all of our consumers can join the challenge! In addition, your support today helps LCS:


        •Maintain small resident to staff ratios

        •Provide the latest technology and equipment for both the individuals we serve and staff who provide those services.

        •Supply innovative training and programs that enhance quality of life.

        •Deliver ongoing measures to ensure health and safety during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

        •Ensure Educational opportunities and activities that honor individual choice, creative expression, and personal
         integrity are available to everyone we serve. 


Your donation will help us provide a spectrum of enriched and comprehensive services that support health, well-being, and a purposeful life experience. 


Since 1986, Lakeshore Community Services has been providing exceptional care and support services for individuals living with intellectual disabilities and those struggling with persistent mental illness.  We provide compassion-oriented services that are rooted in helping each individual we serve live a high quality of life that is self-determined and respects personal choice and personal capability.