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Supported Living Program

Supported Living Program

What We Offer

For some, the community can be an intimidating place. Negotiating the complexity of finding a suitable place to live, a meaningful job, or even enough to eat can be overwhelming. For these individuals, Lakeshore Community Services offers Supported Living. Our providers offer individuals with an intellectual disability the education and fortitude they need to negotiate with landlords, budget their money, or access available means of community assistance such as food stamps or medical care. We also help with day to day tasks like shopping, cooking and cleaning. Our main focus is placed on teaching the skills necessary for those we serve, to become more and more independent.

Individuals learn to call on our staff during periods of difficult transition or simply in need of a word of encouragement. Ever respectful of a person’s independence, providers in this program gear their availability to the needs of each individual they serve.

About Us

Lakeshore Community Services, Inc. (LCS) of Erie, PA has its roots in quality care for individuals with intellectual disabilities in settings well integrated in the local community. In a Lakeshore Community Services home, an individual can expect a program that protects their dignity and health while affording the opportunity to develop new and fulfilling relationships.

Our staff focus on an individual’s unique qualities and dreams as they assist each person. This helps to build competence and develop relationships in the community. We proudly serve men and women of all ages.


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