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Lifesharing Program

Lifesharing Program


Our Lifesharing program was created to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities, by matching a person in need with a participating family or individual. Lifesharing Providers open their home, sharing their love and friendship. Being welcomed into a family provides the individual in need a feeling of support, safety and belonging.

Personal needs and preferences are considered in the process, on behalf of the individual and the provider. Lifesharing Providers comply with program policy, procedures and regulation which allows for and creates a safe and healthy environment in which the individual in need has a feeling of inclusion.

Providers also experience the benefits in the Lifesharing Program–the unique gifts and talents the individual brings to the home and a new friend and companion. Lifesharing, while making a positive difference, provides a stipend to the provider.

About Us

Lakeshore Community Services, Inc. (LCS) of Erie, PA has its roots in quality care for individuals with intellectual disabilities in settings well-integrated in the local community. In a Lifesharing home, an individual can expect a program that protects their dignity and health while providing the opportunity to develop new and fulfilling relationships.

Our providers focus on an individual’s unique qualities and dreams as they assist each person. This helps to build competence and develop relationships in the community.


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