Lakeshore Community Services, Inc.

A Community of Support

Housing Support

March 26, 2018

Lakeshore Community Services, Inc. provides Housing Support for adults 18 years and older who have serious and persistent mental illness.  The Housing Support Program provides both direct and indirect supports.  Housing Support staff assist individuals with accessing and maintaining affordable housing of good quality in a community environment in an effort to reduce the need for higher levels of care.  In addition, staff coach participants in activities of daily living, such as grocery shopping, cooking, laundry and assist with time and money management, building relationships with landlords and neighbors, developing social skills, and making connections within the community.  Staff work with participants to identify those members of the community in their work, social, learning or leisure environment that are willing to give assistance to the individual as well as receive it from him or her.  Such relationships serve the dual purpose of reducing the need for staff support while enhancing the participant’s dignity, self-esteem and valued community role.  Individuals may participate in self-help/support modules designed to enhance their process of recovery.