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Fairfield Retirement

Over 60? Struggling with the rigors of daily programs that no longer seem to suit your physical stamina? Lakeshore's Fairfield Retirement Program is designed to meet the needs of persons no longer prepared or able to face the world of work.

Designed for older or fragile persons already residing in Lakeshore homes, the Fairfield Retirement program offers the opportunity to relax, have lunch in the park, travel, put in a garden, or even do a little volunteering in other community non-profit settings.

Unique in its origins and one of the first programs of its type in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Lakeshore's Fairfield Retirement Program is named for Lloyd Fairfield (1909-1999) who lived in a large institution for seventy-five years before moving to the community in 1987 and finally being afforded the opportunity to retire in 1990.