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Community Based Day Program (CBDP)

Community Based Day Program (CBDP)

What We Offer

Community Based Day Program (CBDP) is offered by Lakeshore Community Services, Inc. to individuals who do not wish to participate in a traditional workshop setting yet need to enhance skills in social and/or daily living situations. We strive to involve consumers in the community through a variety of activities that will develop their social, emotional, and daily life skills. A full range of CBDP services are offered within the community.

About Us

Lakeshore Community Services, Inc. (LCS) of Warren, PA has its roots in quality care for individuals with intellectual disabilities in settings well-integrated in the local community.  In a Lakeshore Community Services home, an individual can expect a program that protects their dignity and health while affording the opportunity to develop new and fulfilling relationships.

Our staff focus on the individual’s unique qualities and dreams as they assist each person. This helps to build competence and develop relationships in the community.


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