Cooking Challenge

Cooking Challenge

Lakeshore's Creative Challenge

Cooking Challenge

Please enjoy the photos and be sure to share and join our event! If you would like to support LCS and ensure we have supplies, prizes and loads more fun activities to do - please consider a gift to Lakeshore by making a donation.

The cooking challenge is in full swing!

Winner Winner Pizza Dinner!

Brenda is the winner of the Creative Cooking Challenge! Her delicious recipe won Brenda one of her favorite meals – Pizza! Hey where'd the pizza go? Congratulations Brenda.

Comfort food at its finest! Rebecca accepts the Creative Challenge by making a delicious macaroni and cheese dish.

Whoever said you can have too many cooks in the kitchen? Dan, Dan and Andy show us the more the merrier!

When Rita and Misty put on their chef hats, the kitchen is always open!

Tim whips up some delicious pudding slime! More slime = more fun!

Stephanie steps it up with dinner and dessert! A mouthwatering french onion burger and yummy peanut butter cake!

Brenda accepted the challenge and cooked up a delicious chicken broccoli alfredo dish with cucumber tomato salad!

Lonny, Santa and Matt got busy whipping up some super yummy recipes. Check out the Chocolate chip "cookie, cookie, cookie", the "wheel" balanced meal and the "brownie bomb." As you can see the brownie was the bomb, it didn't last long!